Principal’s Message

Children are full of curiosity, enthusiasm and joy. They are active. They want to “do things”, to run, to play, to jump, to scribble, to talk in eagerness and they love to be noticed. They are young, fresh and innocent and require guidance from early age to love beautiful things – music, rhythm, colour, language dance and to be gracious behavior. They have a right to live in this world and enjoy life.

At the same tie little children must be made aware of the importance of good social habits. They must also learn that uncontrolled and unhealthy habits cannot bring abiding happiness. Respect & concern for others, their property and their feelings, should be inculcated in to their young minds. In this 21st Century they must start to learn this art of living at an early age.

Teachers and parents must realize that the children form the wealth of the nation, far richer than all the revenue collected from various sources. Children therefore must be happy and able to express themselves in fun and in play. Children are now living in a rapidly changing world and these young ones must learn the right experiences for ‘right thinking and right living’.


This is what we strive to do at “Visakha Nursery”

‘Visakha Nursery’ school now has highly dedicated and qualified teachers. Teachers, who are aware that they are handling children of a very impressionable age, and that the manner in which they mould them in their pre school (nursery) years would have a permanent and far-reaching effect on their future lives.

At the Visakha nursery, our teachers are constantly reminded to keep in mind the dictum that “What counts most in Education, particularly at the early formatives stages of a Childs life, is a good foundation to raise a noble edifice”

We give the children opportunity for free movement in the classroom and in the garden as is consistent with their personal safety. They also learn to keep themselves clean and tidy, to have good manners and be mindful of not only their own needs but of others as well.

The learning process is imparted through the Association of Montessori International Method (AMI). Through the introduction of Montessori Apparatus, “The play way” Method: Music, painting, Handwork Moldings etc. The child also learns to recite poems & Kavi, listening to stories to develop good listening skills and later he relates stories on his own and is able to answer questions, thereby gaining considerable self confidence.

Here at the Visakha nursery we recognize the need for a growing child to experience the wholesome environment of religion in a natural way. The temple, the Buddha image, flowers for offering at the Buddha shrine ,taking part in pancil is also introduced to shaping a healthy and spiritual mind.


At the same time they are exposed to the multi religious environment of Sri Lanka, as here Christmas and other religious events are celebrated.

Out-door activities in the school is are as equally important as the academic activities, specially in heeling to build their self confidence.

Today in their homes, children rarely get a chance of playing with sand. We have therefore a sand pit in school filled with sea-sand where the children are encouraged to make sand castles/Mud pies etc.

There is a fully equipped play area with a Mat slide, see-saw, Balancing beams, climbing frames and swings for the use of the children.

We also conduct a sports meet and an annual concert every year which brings out the hidden talents in children while including in them the value of participation and discipline.


   Finally, I am proud to say that after I assumed duties as Principal of “Visakha Nursery School” in 2007 Teaching in the English Medium has been introduced systematically to the whole school.
By building on the existing facilities and introducing new facilities and activities, I have been able to bring about the necessary changes if order to bring forth a confident, intelligent and a well balanced child fit enough to enter Grade 1 of any reputed boys of girls school in Colombo of any other part of Sri Lanka.
In doing all this I have at all times had the trust, encouragement and unstinted support of the Board of Management of the Visakha Vidyalaya Trust.


Mrs. Cryshanthi Lewke
Visakha Nursery School

Degree in Education Management from the Indian Institute of Management & Technologies – India
Diploma in child Psychology in the Association of Montessori International Sri Lanka (AMI)
Associate Member of the United Kingdom Association of Professionals.
Diploma in Administration.
Accountancy from SCCISL Sri Lanka.