“Tradition – Education- Excellence”

Be a part of the winning team at Visakha Nursery School, where the emphasis is on academic preparation and strong character building in a nurturing environment. From the very first day a child walks in…. Visakha Nursery School is all about nurturing success through discipline, manners, values and achieving academic excellence and offering skilled and experienced teaching in a multi-cultural environment.

Our Goal is to develop the total personality of the chil through a very well designed programme of early childhood care and education and also Visakha Nursery has been instrumental in moulding children of potential over the last several years.


Your little one is just starting school – the most important step in his or her life. At Visakha Nursery School, our curriculum in the early years provides a creative and stimulating environment where young children thrive and grow. Reading, Writing and Working with Numbers in a group helps them to develop, alongside with storytelling, Art and Craft, Music, Ballet & Dancing & Computer.

Our classrooms are decorated, using colourful child friendly themes with a stimulating environment, creative and encouraging learning & play.

At Visakha Nursery the emphasis is on working independently as well as in teams and using the latest AMI equipment available, encouraging children to harness their natural curiosity to learn.

Your child will be welcomed warmly by bilingual teachers who will readily empathise and make your child feel at home right from the very first day. The school adapts a very convenient environment which enables you to meet teachers conveniently and be assured about your child’s progress.


Visakha Nursery has a wide range of extra- curricular activities and students are encouraged to actively participate in all extra curricular activities available to them.

Activities are not only enjoyable; they also broaden a student’s range of interests, networking opportunities and enriching their education. Most of these activities are organized by the school and give both current and new students the opportunity to integrate.

Visakha Nursery believes in developing a healthy mind in a healthy body; hence we encourage children to divert their energies into working out. Our Sports Meet is an annual feature in our Sports Calendar.

The foundation stage is about improving skills in co-ordination, manipulation and control. Visakha Nursery School has always strived towards this. Alongside this, goes the concept of developing a healthy mind in a healthy body. So the thrust comes in making our children open to many spheres of Sports Activities. Visakha Nursery has always endeavoured to throw open activities that suit the children. Children should not develop only in being academic minded, but need to develop their bodies too along side their minds.


Visakha Nursery has a rare calibre of dedicated teachers who are bilingual, especially those who head the various Sections. Many members of our staff have been teaching at Visakha Nursery alone for two decades or more. Their skills are regularly upgraded to keep them up to date with the latest methods and best teaching practices in Sri Lanka.

Visakha Nursery focuses on developing of learning skills. Our teachers are committed to delivering the very best, grooming children from their early years preparing them for year one. Teaching and learning at Visakha Nursery concentrate on stimulating curiosity, taking a structured approach to solving problems and inculcating respect towards others by sharing, values, manners and new ideas.

As children progress from Section to Section, they are provided with challenges appropriate for their age. Values such as compassion and respect are an integral part of the school ethos. Our strength is the rich cultural mix and our children learn to make friends with people from different cultural backgrounds, preparing them for an increasing multi-cultural world, with proficiency not only in English but in local languages, with focus and respect for the nation’s variety of its cultural heritage.

At Visakha Nursery the common bonding that the English Language gives to the students enables the different ethnic groups to work together without ever being conscious of religious or cultural differences. This helps the child to develop mentally as well as physically into a well rounded personality and take his or her place in the world with ease and today we boast of very successful kids who are doing well in other schools.



Assembly is an integral part of our school life and is held every Monday of the week. Assembly is conducted by a different class every week along with the Teachers, the Music Teacher, the Dancing Teacher and the children with the Principal personally present conducting and leading assembly working together on a theme that has morals or a meaning. Much of the talent in children is harnessed and broadened out as a result of these class assemblies. The idea is to pick out talent but make every child an actor on stage with a part-be it big or small. This builds their innate self confidence.


Visakha Nursery aims at churning out well disciplined students who will go out into the world to be honourable citizens and good leaders. Kids have rules and guidelines to follow. The Principal Mrs. Chryshanthi Lewke is a well known disciplinarian- and Visakha Nursery is known far and wide for the wonderful manners and discipline of her children. The children are trained from early age to take up responsibility. The small class sizes help further in the maintenance of discipline.


At Visakha Nursery, Admissions are carried out throughout the school year. So your child is welcome to become a part of our winning team at any time.

The School’s Academic Calendar consists of three terms for the year.

Term i January to April
Term ii May to August
Term iii September to December

Parents are encouraged to call and make an appointment or walk in at any time between 8.30 a.m and 12.30p.m during the week in order to collect Admission forms. It is advisable to bring your child along at this time, which will enable both parents and kids to obtain a first-hand experience of the school.

Grades and Age Groups

Grades Age Group
Play Group 2+
Middle Nursery 3+
Upper Nursery 4+

Admission forms are available at the office for a fee of Rs. 100/= and can be obtained between 8.00a.m & 12.30p.m on any working day.


School Times are as follows:

Baby Class – Lower Nursery 8.00 a.m – 11.00a.m
Middle Nursery 8.00a.m – 11.30a.m
Upper Nursery 8.00a.m- 11.45a.m

The school gate will be closed at 8.00a.m and you are kindly advised to please see that your children are in school by 8.00a.m the latest.

Please also ensure that you collect your child on time when the School is over and only parents authorizes to remove the child by parent’s will be allowed to do so, and the person collecting the child must have the child’s I.D with him / her. In order to take your child away form School early, written Permission & authorization by the Principal is necessary.

When the different grades are over, please note that you have to collect your child at the gate & parent will not be allowed to walk around the school premises.


An identity card needs to be presented to the security guard for any adult to enter school premises. Children transported to school in hired vehicles may be removed from school only by persons authorized to do so by parents. In order to take your child away, early from school, written permission from the class teacher authorized by the Principal is necessary.

If you are unable to take the child away from school by 12.00 noon the school will ensure your child’s safety till 1.00p.m . Please make sure that you pick up the child by 1.00p.m the latest.


A child suffering from or suspected of suffering from any infections or contagious diseases should not be sent to school. The school office should be informed in such circumstances. In the event of a sudden illness, the Principal will take a decision in consulting with the parents.


Children should be dressed in only their school uniforms with the school badge pinned on the dress. The school uniform must be worn on all 05 days of the week. On Pre Poya days children should wear suitable white clothes. Please send an extra set of clothes & a clean handkerchief. Parents are advised not to adorn the child with gold jewellery such as bangles, chains & pendants.


The child should be provided with a nutritious snack, drink and a serviette.


Parents & domestic aids are not allowed to stay within the school premises during school hours. However, parents of newly admitted children will be allowed to stay in the pavilion for 1 or 2 days till the child adjusts to the school environment.


To remove a child from school, one month written notice to the Principal is required. This is necessary to enable the school to offer the vacancy to another child.


First Term School fees should be paid at the beginning of the beginning of the First Term. Second Term School fees should be paid at the end of the First Term. Third Term School fees should be paid at the end of the Second Term.


A Parents / Teachers day will be held on the last day of each term. Parents should meet the class teachers of their children on this day to discuses their children’s progress. Parents are also free to contact the Principal at any time. Please inquire your child’s Report from the class teacher at the end of each school term. We would greatly appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these rules.


Facilities for Day- Care are available. Parents could contact the school office for information. Boys up to 7 years & girls up to 9 years will be admitted to the Day Care Centre

Children are full of curiosity, enthusiasm and joy. They are active. They want to "do things", to run, to play, to jump, to scribble, to talk in eagerness and they love to be noticed.

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