Chairman’s message

The launching of the Web Page of “ Visakha Nursery” is another a significant step in the continuing development of “Visakha Nursery School”. I have no doubt that with this initiative led by the Principal Ms Crysanthi Lewke together with several other innovative steps taken by her(see relevant web page) with the wholehearted co-operation of our dedicated and experienced staff since she was appointed as Principal by the Board of the Visakha Vidyalaya Trust in August 2007. , will see “Visakha Nursery” become a popular and much sought after “home away from home” for pre school children in Colombo and the suburbs.

Another facet of the Principal’s innovative skills has been her ability to obtain the co-operation of parents and others interested in the development of the Nursery. Thus the technological expertise for this WEB site was provided free by Mr G.L.I.P Gunasekera a parent of one of the little kids in our Nursery. My thanks to him as well. As you browse through the pages of this web site you will see and read about all these new developments initiated by the Principal with the full support of the Board.

Visakha Nursery School is now the preferred choice of many parents in their search for “a home away from home” for their little ones as an ideal and safe place for pre school training.

Dr. Tissa Cooray
Visakha Nursery School